Rockwell T-2E Buckeye, Maintrack 1/48 WIP Part 1

This is the vacumformed kit of Maintrack, Golden Wings series in 1/48 scale. It is a multimedia kit that contains plastic parts, resin seats and metal landing gear and exhausts.

It is my first Vacumformed kit and i must say that i enjoyed building it. The kit was build in the early 2000’s when the 2 bobs injection kit was not yet in production so this kit was the only solution for someone who wanted to  build a Buckeye. A great help for me was the book of series NAVAL FIGHTERS No15 by Steve Ginder plus various photos from the internet.

The construction of Vacumformed kits starts by carefully seperating the plastic parts from the sheets. Then the fun starts. A lot of scratchbuilding is following to create the cockpits, landing gear struts and wheel wells, rescribing the fuselage and wings.

Painting the interior was completed with Tamiya acrylics and Humbrol enamels as usual.

All parts were primered with Hycote Grey Primer before painting.

As you can easily notice in the pics a lot of putty and sanding was needed to achive a normal result. A major problem was found in the shape of the windscreen and it was corrected with plastic sheet and putty.

After the assembly is completed i am ready to paint the SEA camouflage.

Thank you for watching.

→  Part 2


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