S-70-B-6 Aegean Hawk, Italeri 1/48 WIP Part 3

Before start painting the camouflage some other things must be done. At the beggining i had to rework the vertical stabilator to match the Aegean Hawks.

Then i decided to use the Eduard PE exhausts so some extensive surgery had to be done.

Next step was to add all required antennas from Eduard and Cobra Company. I also added the correct pylons that are included in the Cobra Company resin set. I also scratchbuilded some parts like the tail folding mechanism.

A required conversion was done at the landing gear struts. Italeri made a mistake so landing gear struts had to be sortened by 3mm. Finally this was easier than i first thought.

Next step was to improve the tail gear strut, finally i used Italeri’s part since it was better than the part provided by Cobra Company.

Next steps were to improve the main rotor base, tail rotor and the wheels.

Last and most difficult was to scratchbuild a Penguin MK2 Mod 7 missile and pylon. All required dimensions were found on the internet. The pylon you see in the photos was discarded and a new one was build but not pictured.

So finally the model is ready for painting the camouflage.

→  Part 4


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