Grumman HU-16B ASW, Revell 1/72 WIP Part 1

Next model on the bench is the old Monogram kit of the HU-16B Albatross in Revell rebox.

A kit that dates back in 1955, one of the first kits of Monogram. The kit has very nice shape of the real aircraft but lacks of any detail. It requires a lot of effort to represent a decent model of the HU-16 aircraft. In order to built an ASW version you need to build the radar housing in the radome, plus other minor external details. The resin set of RVHP is a great help since it provides the nose of the aircraft with the radar radome plus the wing pylons and other details.

The RVHP resin set contains the correct nose for the ASW version.The Aires resin sets of the R-1830 engines

Before starting the built i desided to sand all the raised detail of the fuselage which was out of scale anyway and i rescribed the fuselage and wing following the plans that are provided with Warpaint Series No92 by Charles Starface. Later on i will scribe also some series of rivets on the belly of the fuselage.

Before start working on the kit i had decided to built full interior of the a/c. Lots of plastic sheet, some parts  from my spares box, a lot of work and here it is the interior…

I opened the cargo hatch on top of fuselage to leave an opening for better viewing of the interior.

Since the interior is finished for now, next step is the wings, landing gear, flaps and engines.

→  Part 2


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